What is The Best Soundproofing Material for Floors?

The noise of modern life can infiltrate our private areas and disturb our peaceful moments. Noise may be a major annoyance, whether it comes from the footfall of an upstairs neighbor or the constant buzz of city traffic. Thankfully, improvements in soundproofing materials have simplified the process of improving our surroundings' acoustic comfort. Rubber is one material that sticks out among the many possibilities because of its extraordinary qualities. This article will explain why rubber is regarded as the greatest material for soundproofing, address any of your urgent concerns, and walk you through the best options for a peaceful home.


What Makes Rubber the Superior Soundproofing Material?

Rubber flooring is well known for its exceptional ability to reduce noise. Rubber absorbs sound waves, significantly lowering noise levels. In addition to absorbing sound, its elastic and thick composition reduces the amount of vibration that travels across surfaces. Because of this, it is the perfect option for busy locations and multi-story buildings where noise reduction is crucial. Rubber is also extremely strong and resilient, preventing deterioration and providing comfort for the foot.


How Rubber Outperforms Other Sound Deadening Materials

Rubber underlayment is a key component in improving the longevity and performance of flooring. Because of its unparalleled resilience, which keeps its shape even in the face of intense foot activity, it provides long-lasting floor protection. Rubber's dense nature keeps moisture out, reducing problems like mold and mildew, and it also effectively insulates sound, making the space quieter. This makes rubber better than other materials like foam, which eventually contracts and loses its resilience, and cork, which needs a thicker covering to match rubber's acoustic qualities.


Rubber Underlayment Solutions: Acoustic and Aesthetic Benefits

Rubber underlayment meets the needs of all kinds of floors and comes in a range of thicknesses. This useful guide will help you choose the ideal acoustical underlayment for your project.

  1. Duraquiet 3mm: Used under tile, ceramic, natural stone, carpet tile, and vinyl. High density, anti-fracture membrane.
  2. Dura-Son 3.5mm: Used under laminate and engineered hardwood. High acoustical performance and naturally resists mold, mildew, and fungus.
  3. Dura-Son MB 3.5mm: Used under floating laminate and engineered hardwood. Built-in vapor barrier, providing additional moisture protection in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.
  4. Duracushion 6mm: Used under carpet. Excellent protection in high traffic areas, extending the wear-life of your carpet.
  5. Duralux 7mm: Used under carpet, area rug, and stair runner. Excellent foot traffic support for high-end area rugs and stair runners, and improves traction.
  6. Duracoustic 8mm: Versatile underlayment compatible with a variety of floor surfaces. Its application in a multi-layered floor system achieves exceptional acoustical ratings. Best suited for commercial soundproofing solutions.
  7. Super Dura 10mm: Used under carpet. Provides the highest level of luxury and comfort in carpets designed for low foot traffic areas.

Superior Soundproofing Benefits of Rubber: The Ideal Material for Any Space

Rubber is a soundproofing material that is adaptable, efficient, and long-lasting. When constructing a new area or remodeling an old one, rubber from Dura Undercushions is a great option for your floors' optimal comfort, acoustics, and longevity.


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