The Importance of Choosing the Right Acoustic Underlayment

In the quest for serene, noise-free environments, the choice of acoustic flooring underlayment is pivotal. Dura Undercushions, a leader in the North American rubber underlayment market, not only meets but significantly exceeds regulatory standards, setting a new benchmark for soundproofing excellence. Our dedication to innovation has culminated in the development of acoustic underlay products that are unparalleled in their ability to enhance acoustical properties.

Exceeding Standards with Advanced Engineering

At Dura Undercushions, our approach to creating the ultimate acoustic underlay involves rigorous research and development, focusing on the viscoelasticity and open-cell structure of our rubber underlayment. This dedication ensures that our products offer superior acoustical results, outperforming traditional materials on the market and setting us apart as the preferred choice among acousticians.

Why Choose Open-Cell Rubber Underlayment

  • Superior Sound Insulation: An open-cell structure has interconnected cells which are not completely sealed, allowing air to flow through the underlayment. The underlayment's ability to rapidly recover from its compressed state makes it suitable for sound damping and cushioning applications.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Open-cell rubber is less dense and more flexible than closed-cell. An open-cell rubber underlayment compresses more easily, providing a softer underfoot experience.
  • Improved Moisture Protection: Being more porous, open-cell rubber absorbs and retains more moisture, protecting your floors. This is useful in areas prone to humidity such as kitchens and basements.

 image of open-cell rubber structure

  Open-Cell Rubber

Engineered for Excellence

Our products are a testament to our commitment to exceed regulatory standards, offering exceptional sound absorption and vibration dampening capabilities. The unique composition of our rubber underlay not only enhances its soundproofing performance but also contributes to the comfort and durability of your flooring.

The Dura Undercushions Difference

  • Superior Acoustical Results: Thanks to the viscoelastic properties and open-cell structure of our rubber underlayment, our products excel in reducing impact sound transmission and enhancing the acoustic environment of any space.
  • Versatility and Compatibility: Designed for a wide range of flooring types, our underlay is suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial settings, ensuring effective soundproofing across various applications.
  • Sustainability and Responsibility: Our commitment extends beyond soundproofing; we are dedicated to producing environmentally responsible products that contribute to a healthier planet without compromising performance. All of Dura’s products are LEED certified and Green Label Plus approved.

Installation and Support

Understanding the critical role of proper installation in maximizing soundproofing benefits, Dura Undercushions offers expert guidance and support to ensure your underlay is perfectly matched to your specific needs. Our team is here to assist you through every step, from selection to installation, helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your soundproofing project. Dura Undercushions simplifies your installation process by providing installation guides for various types of installations.

Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

Our drive to exceed regulatory standards is reflected in the meticulous engineering and testing of our acoustic underlay products. By choosing Dura Undercushions, you are selecting a partner dedicated to providing not just a product but a comprehensive soundproofing solution that offers peace of mind and quality assurance.

Dura Undercushions: Leaders in Acoustics

Dura Undercushions is not just a manufacturer; we are innovators and leaders in the acoustic underlay market. Our commitment to exceeding regulatory standards is evident in the superior performance, quality, and sustainability of our products. Whether you're looking to create a peaceful home environment, a productive workspace, or a sound-sensitive commercial area, our acoustic underlay solutions are designed to meet and surpass your expectations.

For more information on how we can assist with your soundproofing needs or to learn more about our range of acoustical products, feel free to reach out to us. Let Dura Undercushions elevate your space with the best acoustic underlay in North America, exceeding standards and setting new benchmarks in soundproofing excellence.