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High-Performance Underlayment


High shock absorption and noise reduction. Dura’s rubber underlayment offers unrivaled density, resisting compression and preventing permanent indentations.

Experience flooring support that sustains heavy loads and upholds long-term resilience.


Elevate your space with advanced soundproofing.

Explore the exceptional insulation performance of Dura’s rubber underlayment, creating a tranquil ambiance and unmatched acoustic comfort.


Experience ultimate comfort and peace of mind with Dura’s rubber underlayment.

Featuring superior cushioning, advanced sound reduction, heated floor compatibility, anti-microbial properties, and remarkable resilience for long-lasting comfort and performance.

Benefits of Dura’s Recycled Rubber Underlayment

Superior Shock Absorption

Minimizes impact noise for a quieter environment.

High Compression Resistance

Ensures long-lasting support for heavy flooring and furniture.

Resilient Bounce-Back Technology

Prevents permanent indentations, maintaining flooring integrity.

Advanced Soundproofing

Reduces noise transmission between floors, ensuring tranquility.

Heated Floor Compatibility

Maintains warmth, perfect for underfloor heating systems.

Moisture Protection

Antimicrobial properties inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus while minimizing moisture accumulation.

Environmentally Conscious

Made from recycled rubber, promoting sustainable flooring solutions.

Easy Installation

Simplifies setup and care, saving time and effort in the long run.



Over 6 Decades of Excellence

Dura Receives the Alpha Award 2023 for Exceptional Innovation and Engineering

Dura has been honored with the Alpha award 2023 for exceptional innovation and engineering in the manufacturing category.

The Alpha award is one of the most prestigious recognitions granted to a company, acknowledging outstanding achievements in innovation, performance, and societal contribution. Our commitment to sustainability is evident as all our products are crafted from recycled tire rubber, ensuring near 100% recyclability.


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